The Quaco Museum

St. Martins is a place of living history where during the golden age of sail, more than 500 sailing ships were built and launched on the highest tides to sail the world.

The legacy of sea captains and shipbuilders endures in the architecture of historic homes in the village and in the Quaco Museum where the Village's rich history is kept alive.

The Quaco Museum is committed to preserving the rich history of St. Martins and surrounding area, and is run by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Come visit our Museum,  hear the stories of the Bay of Fundy, the people who settled its shores, then sailed the world in the ships built by St. Martins families.

Learn why St. Martins was the third largest shipbuilding area next to St. John and Halifax, about how the ships were built and launched from our beaches, the men who built them, the sons and husbands who captained them, and the role of women in during the golden age of sail.

All this and more of the amazing stories that tell why St. Martins was once referred to as “one of the wealthiest villages in the British Empire!”